muslim fashion

Muslims generally notice modest dress, but The range of styles and colours have several names according to the region. Here is a glossary of the most typical names of Islamic garments for the two Males and girls, along with shots and descriptions.

The term Hijab is usually utilized to commonly explain a Muslim Girls's modest gown. Much more specifically, it refers to a square or rectangular piece of cloth and that is folded, placed in excess of The pinnacle and mounted under the chin being a headscarf. Depending upon the type and location, this may additionally be termed a shaylah or tarhah.

A normal term for a girl's head and/or experience veil. This term is typically employed to describe a specific kind of scarf that drapes above the entire best fifty percent of a girl's entire body, down to the waist.

Widespread inside the Arab Gulf nations, this a cloak for Gals which is worn more than other clothing when in community. The abaya is normally fabricated from black synthetic fiber, sometimes decorated with colored embroidery or sequins. The abaya might be worn in hijab fashion the major of The pinnacle to the ground (similar to the chador explained beneath), or more than the shoulders. It will likely be mounted so that it is closed. It could be coupled with a headscarf or experience veil.

An enveloping cloak was worn by Girls, in the leading of The pinnacle to the bottom. Typically worn in Iran without a experience veil. Unlike the abaya explained earlier mentioned, the chador is usually not fastened inside the entrance.